Voyage Voyage…...

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

5 July 2017

Half of the holiday behind us. But there are some of us who has just start thinking of the holiday destination ... The choice of direction is important not only because of what we like to do, but also because of our health. Proper selection of the climate not only provide us with an unforgettable experience, but it can also restore our health.

Sea - the ideal place to relax for people with hypothyroidism, smokers and those who often get colds. Trip to the seaside is a perfect alternative for people with skin problems and rheumatism. The high content of iodine in the air also has a very good effect on pregnant women. The demand for this element in this group is much greater. Holidays at the sea is a great alternative to those on a diet. Here, people who want to lose a few pounds can connect everyday swimming with running on the beach. Jogging on the beach requires more effort, because it is forcing the muscles to greater combustion.

Mountains - temper and rejuvenate. Hiking in the mountains is a great workout for heart and lungs. Even amateur climbing strengthens the muscles and joints, and the mountain air also affects our skin, which is better oxygenated. In the mountains people suffering from arthritis, hyperthyroidism, with low blood pressure, asthmatics and people with allergies should feel well. Mountains are not recommended for people suffering from migraines, high blood pressure, as well as all those who suffered myocardial infarction.

Forest - forest air is much healthier than we think. It is known that the leaves of the trees produce large amounts of oxygen, but thats not all. Many trees, especially conifers, also produce essential oils, which contain multiple components beneficial for health, especially mental one. A walk in the woods is a relief the stressed. All persons should think about the forest and mushroom picking trips. Forest is a place where you can quickly calm down and relax.