Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

21 April 2016

Vegemoda enters the market with its collection of vegan clothing. Two clothing collections: VEGEMODA Essentials and VEGEMODA Sweet Veggie are added to its own collection of jewellery and bags. They both have PETA approved VEGAN certification and sign -“V - suitable for vegans and vegetarians”.

VEGEMODA Essentials is a part of the collection with softer colours. However, the second one- VEGEMODA Sweet Veggie- is bursting with colours and energy. A large part of VEGEMODA clothing collection has been made of organic cotton and other responsible materials. It includes bags, sweatshirts, tunics, vests and t-shirts - for both women and men.

- In shops there are often various types of T-shirts with inscriptions, figures and motto that allow us to express your personality and our attitude to certain issues - Ela Lelek VEGEMODA brand owner says - Vegetarians and vegans have also a lot to say! And wise things too! Therefore, we decided to make it easier for them and we have, in a pleasant and non-pushy way transferred our feelings, liking, beliefs and tastes onto cotton! - she explains.

Some part of the proceeds from the sale of Sweet Veggie and Essentials collection will go to Koty Katowic Foundation, which helps the sick, homeless and hungry animals. As a result, while buying clothes for yourself, you can help others.

The entire collection is available on, and a complete catalogue is available here.

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