Vegan Native shoes

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

7 July 2019

Colourful, stylish and organic – these are the main, but not the only advantages of Native shoes. These multi-purpose shoes made of modern plastic look like cult sneakers, espadrilles or moccasins. The company offers also functional snowboots. Canadian Native shoes are nothing but a modern EVA foam. Thanks to it, your feet can feel coolness and freedom. At the Native they even say that EVA is like a sweet foam that never melts.

The properties of the material make it ideal for the production of shoes, because it matches the shape of the leg. Thanks to it, the shoes are extremely lightweight, absorbent, washable, waterproof and odour-resistant. All Native shoes are vegan as well – they are not made of genuine leather and they are not produced using any products of animal origin, such as adhesives. At the same time they are free of BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde, which can be dangerous to humans.

The Native collection includes shoes for adults and children. The Jefferson model, resembling classic sneakers is available in both variants. Jefferson is the oldest Native shoe model. They are very light and airy shoes, ideal for the daily bustle in the city on hot days and invented for such an occasion.

Meanwhile, Howard model looks like classic ... moccasins. It is an option for both young and old, who does not want to give up the classic elegance even during very hot summer days. But this is not the end of classical models of shoes. The Native offer includes also espadrilles! They are much more practical than the original shoes, because you can freely walk in the water, just like in all other Native shoes.

FITZSIMMONS model is a unique one. This laced model is adapted to more difficult weather conditions. This, one of the most popular Native models, like the rest of the family, is waterproof, it absorbs shocks and adapts to the shape of the foot, while being extremely resistant to deformation.

Jimmy and Jimmy Mid are ... snowboots. While keeping all advantages of EVA foam, they are warm as well as suitable for autumn and winter extreme weather conditions. They do not get wet, dirty and they do not absorb odours. Jimmy model is available for children and adults. At each stage of production, Native ensures that the process is clean and more and more environmentally friendly.

Today the company can boast about extremely low emission. Foam moulding process by injection gives a small amount of waste. They are packed and shipped in recycled materials. Native brand is also involved in many charitable actions - sending its products to Africa or Haiti.