Useful ways to avoid colds in autumn?

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, Anna Plaszczyk

25 October 2018

Your immune system depends largely on your digestive system. So what should you do to avoid autumn ailments such as colds, runny nose, cough or allergies?


Just pay attention to what you eat and learn a few principles of healthy nutrition. It is also worth reading several books. It is important to explore the subject and not to be fooled.
Besides, not everything that is advertised as healthy and is sold as "eco" is in fact healthy.


1. In autumn, you should add colourful fruits and vegetables to your menu – the more, the better.
2. Avoid "white" products: white bread, white sugar, white pasta - they are worthless and they are only a burden for the body.
3. Drink green cocktails - they will improve not only the appearance and health, but also the mood.
4. Eat healthy fats - preferably the healthiest one - a coconut oil.
5. Consume valuable seeds: chia, flax, borage or hemp – they are a concentrated source of a valuable fat.
6. Do not use a microwave - it causes changes in molecules of food, and in addition – it emits harmful radiation.
7. Drink milk, vegetable one, not from a cow. The best are: coconut, rice, almond and soy.

ae olej kokosowy

You can enjoy health and well-being in the autumn with such a little effort.