DIY: Chair from washingmachine

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

5 November 2016

Belarusian Antonina has given a second life to her washingmachine. Thanks to her, the old washingmachine came out of the bathroom to the lounges. Now it has become ... a chair!

Upcycling is a very clever and creative activity.
It causes that in a very simple and yet unique way we can operate for the benefit of the environment and at the same time, we can make amazing things out of things.
Antonina is a name of the designer from Belarus; in her designer and ingenious project she used an old washing machine.

Instead of throwing it on the trash -she decided to give it another life.The washing machine in its new incarnation have totally changed its original purpose.Once it served for washing, today it is a seat. And this is not the end, because in the next "life", it can always become a lamp!

Would you like to make experiments, to create an original thing, something made by yourself? If you need inspiration - we encourage you to take advantage of the instructions and guides made by Antonina on