The undiscovered, beautiful in spring - Karkonosze

Text: press release

26 April 2017

Walking on the national and landscape parks, visiting castles, walls and defensive towers. Also the open-air events, theatrical spectacles or concerts, all of this wait for the tourists in spring in Karkonosze and their capital – Jelenia Góra. They are not as popular as Tatra and Zakopane but when you once go there, you will fall in love! Check what is worth seeing during the spring and May trips.

 Karkonosze, one of the most beautiful regions of Poland, not so popular as the Polish sea or Tatra. While in winter it is a paradise for the skiers, in spring it is wonderful for the wanderers who follow the Karpacz trails, through the peaks – Śnieżka, Smogornie, Wielki Szyszak and Szrenica – to Szklarska Poręba. Most of the trails lead through the territory of the Karkonowski National Park, the Rudawski Landscape Park and the Landscape Park in the Bobru Valley.

However in order to fully use the features of this region, we cannot omit its capital – Jelenia Góra. Of the picturesque situation of this region we do not have to convince anyone who at least once has seen the panorama of the Old City with Karkonosze in the background. The visit to “Jelenia” lets also combine the unusual beauty of the mountains with the possibilities of visiting the numerous monuments and cultural attractions. And in spring lots of things are going on!

 A paradise for the monuments lovers

In Jelenia Góra live over 80 thousand people and it is the city situated in Lower Silesia, at Bóbr river, in the basin between Karkonosze and Kaczawskie Mountains. It is also an interesting place for the lovers of history that began there in 1108. Its traces are visible in all over the city. The biggest city attractions are, among others: walls and defensive towers from the 14th century, the Town Hall Square with the Town Hall from the half of the 18th century, Chojnik Castle, the churches of ss. Erasmus and Pancras and of the Elevation of the Holy Cross as well as the eastern orthodox church of ss. Peter and Paul. In Jelenia Góra there is also the Cieplice Resort visited by the masses of bathers each year, as well as the mountain districts: Jagniątków and Sobieszów which have the rich touristic base at the disposal and which are very often the first stop in the trips to the Karkonosze paths.

Beautiful and cultural

Probably nowhere near Karkonosze there are so many spectacles, concerts, exhibitions and other art events as in Jelenia Góra. Surely the lovers of theatre, cinema or concerts halls will not be bored. The city is known for many musical festivals and unconventional theatrical performances – One of them is the International Festival of Theatres and the Avant-garde Culture „Pestka”, during which there are presented the most interesting avant-garde works of Polish and German theatrical artists, all forms of artistic expression, including music, photography and performance. The festival will take place from 28th April to 3rd May – says Alicja Czechowska from the Town Hall in Jelenia Góra. However during the May weekend the city has planned e.g. historical productions of the reenacting groups from Poland and Germany “Searching for the mysteries…”. There is also planned the Festival of Viennese Music, Half-marathon of Jelenia Góra, the spectacle of the Ocelot Theatre and the concert of the band Red Lips for the inauguration of the Cieplicka Spring. The event that draws many tourists to the city is also the Night of the Museums – on 20th May and the Bicycle Retro Parade which this year will take place on 28th May.

Attractions for everyone

One of the places in Jelenia Góra, where happens a lot and everyone must see, is also Nowy Rynek – a shopping mall connected to the bus station. Many attractions wait for everyone in the Fun Park. There the kids can play, e.g. in the pools with balls or on the colourful slides or climb on the special lines. Children have the provided care.  - Thanks to that not only the youngest can nicely and actively spend time, but also their parents who will have a chance to relax after the mountain walking and sightseeing – says Anna Szlaga, the Marketing Manager in Nowy Rynek.

In Nowy Rynek we may also see the exhibition of the art works of the local artists. What is more, in the “Women’s Zone” there are many interesting meetings and workshops on, for example, fashion and beauty. In May we planned special lectures with the stylist. Those attractions are every time very popular not only among the Jelenia Góra residents but also the tourists who visit this city.