The timeless wooden design of details

Text: Anna Bełezina, photos: press release

10 September 2019

Plantwear, Polish company producing wooden watches and glasses has taken care of lovers of designer accessories, as well as those looking for minimalism and simplicity. If you are looking for a unique and practical supplement made of the passion and inspired by nature, you are in the right place. Plantwear proves that "less is more" indead.

The company is based on wooden materials of the highest quality and what is important - each of them comes from sources approved by the Forest Stweardship Council, or the certifying authority, ensuring the continuous, sustainable use of forest resources. At the manufacturers website, you will find a series of products, where known varieties, such as oak or maple were used. Raw components and materials are imported to the workshop from Lublin province and specialized and very precise carpentry staff is taking care of them.

Each product is made of many natural materials, so it is more unique. The wooden watch case, depending on the particular series, consists of a stone face and nylon strip, which is suitable for recycling.

As it is well known - for centuries wood has been used as a material for building houses and boats, producing kitchen utensils and many other products, so there is no doubt about its durability and strength. Wood is much better than plastic, which fails more often. Plantwear glasses and watches are impregnated with a wax layer, thanks to which accidental splashing of water will not cause any damage. Each Plantwear product has a guarantee, and cleaning with a piece of cloth should not cause any trouble.

We do care to make every product eco, but is the usage of wood ecological anyway? Plantwear ensures that the creators of the collection are trying to live in harmony with nature, that is why they are working with The Nature Conservacy Foundation and currently they are planting around fifty trees per month in a tropical forest in Brazil.

A moment cannot be back again, so it is with nature: there is no such a component like wood, which is an undeniable proof of 100% original watches and glasses by Plantwear!




plantwear aviator carbonised bamboo