The magical child’s room!

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

2 May 2017

Does the child’s room have to be so colorful? This questioned is answered by the furniture and accessories of the Nuki brand. Their furniture are most of all universal and functional and, among many others, they are distinguished with beautiful patterns.

Nuki is a young family company designing furniture, personalized bedclothes and hand-made accessories on individual orders. The furniture is made of the birch wood. The natural colour gives the possibilities of arrangement, both for the boy and a girl.

The simplicity is the most important feature of the brand, it lets parents and children come up with an idea and create space in a unique way. The natural colour of the plywood, of which the furniture is made, is an invitation to an adventure with a design, colour and shape.

Nuki lets creating both design interior for a small princess and a room of an active bouldering lover. Everything depends on your imagination and creativity!

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