The best herbs for healthy and beautiful hair

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

7 April 2019

Healthy and beautiful hair is not only an asset, but a dream of every woman. Unfortunately, we often have problems with hair not only during summer but also in winter. Dryers, curling tongs, straighteners – treatments more often used in the winter damage the hair.

Therefore, in order to have beautiful and healthy hair, you should take care of them all year round, preferably using the natural means.
Very often problems with hair are a result of our poor nutrition, lack of vitamins or problems with the digestive system. It is worth to use natural remedies in order to have beautiful hair. Especially – a healthful power of herbs.

If you have problems with hair loss, and you also want to lighten them, you should use:
- Burdock root,
- Calamus rhizome,
- Chamomile flower.

On the other hand, walnut leaf prevents hair loss, but it darkens hair!
If you want to make your hair more fluffy, buy nettle herb. With hair loss, but also problems with the scalp, horsetail herb would be ideal. Horsetail has also disinfecting and nutritional properties.

How to prepare a brew? We need two tablespoons of herb per a cup of water. You can prepare more brew to put hair in it and rinse it for a few minutes. Horsetail herb should be boiled for over half an hour, the remaining herbs for less - preferably 10-15 minutes. All herbs should be always boiled under a cover! When the brew is chilled - we treat our hair with a salutary herbal bath.

Let us remember that while using natural means, there will not be any spectacular results after the first use, or even after a week. They should be used for a longer time! It is also important to use them regularly.