Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

17 January 2017

"TBONE" House is an innovative project of apartment for 4 persons. Seemingly, it looks like a well-designed studio. But it is enough to look at it closely to see not only the highest quality of functional design, but also to see at a glance where the idea for the name of the building comes from.

The building construction is in the shape of letter T, so that the residence has two identical spaces on both sides. The building was designed for the lovers of open spaces, and for all those who want to have good access to and view of the garden. The project included place for living space, with large windows from floor to ceiling. However, there are also spaces completely inaccessible for casual onlookers.

The project also includes a very interesting idea for the garage, which is fully glazed. This house has also eco solutions for building heating. It uses a geothermal heat pump and rainwater is used in the plumbing installation.