Swimming pool

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

5 May 2018

Swimming pool is a perfect solution, to actively spent time. Swimming is one of this activities, which can be done almost by everyone, starting from 3 month babies to seniors. Swimming have a lot of benefits. We show you a 5 reasons, you might want to enter permanently to a weekly schedule of swimming pool activity.

1. Going to the pool is a perfect solution, to actively spend your time with your family. Swimming improves a work of circulatory system. Its a cardio workout – you increase a size of lungs thanks to that, as breathing muscles clearly reinforce. Together with an extra dose of oxygen, all of organs function more effectively. Swimming develops a muscularity of whole body. Its a perfect way to quench a body and increasing its immunity.

2. We all know perfectly, that swimming is a perfect training for people, dealing with unnecessary weight, obesity or cellulite. Hour of swimming is a 500 calories burned. You should remember, that first effects wont be seen that fast. Few weeks should be enough to wait for effects.

3. Swimming pool is a great alternative for all people having problems with spine. Swimming relieves spine a lot – body wright is felt in water even 10 times less than a real one. Doctors recommend swimming, as a method of dealing with posture defects and for strengthening a by-spine muscles. However, that during serious problems with spine, doctor should decide, that there are no contradictions in this case for regular swimming.

4. Through swimming, physical fitness is improved in a meaningful way. Systematic swimming improves blood vessels, relaxes the arteries and prevents atherosclerotic changes, which may protect against myocardial infarction. 

5. Swimming, as every sport, is beneficial for our physical health. Endorphins are released during swimming, which are a hormones of happiness. Even when youre tired after an effort, youll still be in a good mood thanks to that.