Summer in bunker

Text: Aleksandra Półtorak, photos: Tim van de Velde

21 March 2018

It would seem, that bunker built during World War II is totally useless today. If did actually filled its security role and it suits only for demolition or as a museum headquarters. Meanwhile, for architects from BILD Company, ascetic concrete is a flexible material, in which created unusual cottage.

Bunker is placed on terrains of Fort Vuren village in Holland, which was a part of its old defense system during World War II. This place, with 2 meters in height and size of 9 meters squared, was a huge challenge for the architects. In its project, they established, a use of every free space in a way, to fit a group of 4 people. Thats why bunker furnishing was reduced to necessary minimum, which you can freely move. Additionally – all furniture are filling both resting and storage functions.

Residents can use a fully equipped kitchen, with folded table and chairs, which may be used as an extra wardrobes or coffee tables. Beds are bunked. Top ones have been hang on a wall with chains, as they looked in bunkers during warfare. Bottom ones are included with cabinets, for storing a bedding for example. Next to bunker, architects set a wooden deck, in which you can spend time outdoors.

Project of this place was a part of advertising campaign, organized by Famous for Delta Lloyd Life Company. This firm organized a contest in which the prize was a holiday right here, for two winning families. Although, the contest finished already, you can still spend vacation in bunker.