Speedwood wooden bike

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

28 April 2018

City bike should be comfortable, stylish and special. This eco-friendly way of transportation should reflects our style of age and highlight our passions. Speedwood wooden bike is an option for all those, who loves nature, unique design and Polish products.

Designers of FPI Design work for years with wood. They have many complete interior decorations. They designed it with success, not only in Poland. Its because of many years of work experience with wood, they decided to design and make a bike frames with plywood. After all, first bike was made of wood!

After many months of trial and tests, unique bike was formed, already winning a hearts all over the world. Speedwood is made of birch, carefully selected Finish veneers and waterproof glue. This way, an exceptionally durable and relatively light frame was formed, which caught an eye like no other bike.

Speedwood frame resembles a honeycomb. Hexagon holes in the frame, evenly distributes a pressure, hence why frame is lighter and a very durable. FPI Design is well-known of its reliability, thats why they give a warranty on a bike frame. Manufacturers have taken care of all these remaining details, so that Speedwood can be a unique and exclusive bike. Everything is carefully crafted and tailored - saddle and handles are made of bright leather, even bicycle tires are kept in the same color.

We checked how riding a Speedwood feels like. Bike, despite its high weight (17 kg), drives very well. As it befits for a bicycle - Speedwood have an exceptionally comfortable and stylish saddle. 7 gears, hidden in the hub, facilitates overcoming a rise. Thanks to this, bike is a kind of single-track roads cruiser.

Speedwood is certainly a special bike, which gets its attention. It can be ordered at a Speedwood homepage