Some Things

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

21 January 2018

Some Things shows that almost every unnecessary thing already can be restored to life and give it a designer look. This new project created in Wrocław combines design and recycling.

Some Things was created by Rafał Pyster, who has been reusing forgotten or underestimated things for a long time. Recently, he had made lamps, tables and other items of daily use. In the collection of Some Things we can find the lamp from the old shower or special arrangements with copper water pipes.

- Materials for our projects we get from scrapyards, old renovated townhouses or just from garbage - says Rafal Pyster. We want to create things from recycled materials such as wood or metal, because we believe that there is no need to cut the next tree to built a new table or a chair - he explains the philosophy of the brand.

The portfolio of Some Things are things created intuitively under the spur of the moment, without paying attention to the current trends. - We like the simplicity, austerity and upcycling adventure: the aquarium transformed into a concrete bowl or a pot leading a new life as a reflector - lists Rafal Pyster - Our warehouse is full of materials that want to be changed in the furniture, lamps, bags or clothing - he adds.

An important part of our business is to renew items that although were set up a couple of decades ago, they continue to fulfill their functions due to the good design and impressive quality of their performance. Some Things projects can be seen in such interiors of Wrocław as Dobra Karma Restaurants, Vega Restaurant and at Neon Side.