Yope – ecological cleaning

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

17 May 2017

If you have read at least once the content of the popular liquid hand soaps you know to keep far away from them. This is how Yope was established – a Polish brand manufacturing ecological soaps and detergents.

The story of a brand began from the chemical content of the popular liquid soaps and the chapped skin which is tight and dry after washing. The liquid soap is a simple cosmetic consisting mostly of the vegetable washing substances, scented agents and preservatives. However more and more artificial colorants, silicones, preservatives and detergents, e.g. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and the foaming agents, e.g. SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) are added. Why? In order to make them more beautiful, durable, scented and foamy. Is it necessary? No, on the contrary – it is unnecessary. Because those additives make the gentle epidermis dry and irritated and may be the reason for allergies.

Quickly it turned out that in the vast selection of soaps on the market it is hard to find those without much chemical substances inside. That is why those ecological soaps needed to be created. This is how the Yope brand was established. Its owners decided to prove that it is possible to create liquid soaps of high quality and gentle to the skin, natural, beautiful and with original scent. Additionally, the products must have been closed in the perfectly designed, modern packages. Everything in a good, low price.

Today in the offer of Yope we can find balms, cosmetic soaps, hand soaps, hand creams and the home detergents, so the cleaning agents. Inside you won’t find any mysterious “ultramodern complexes” and “cocktails”, artificial colorants, scents, preservatives, parabens, oil derivatives, SLS, SELS and thickening substances. Instead, there are the natural, skin care plant extracts, gentle cleaning and scented substances, all of them safe even for the sensitive skin.