Skate park for everyone

Text: Aleksandra Półtorak, photos: press release

1 July 2021

The cooperation of the two largest Danish architectural studios, GlifbergLykke and CEBRA, has given the inhabitants of the village Haderslev unlimited possibilities for fans of street sports. Thanks to them amateurs of rollerblades and skateboards can pursue their passions in the largest skate park in the country.

"Street Dome Skate Park" has the shape of a huge igloo, and its roof has glazed elements, thanks to which it is lighted up by a natural sunlight. Ramps are placed in an area of over 6500 square meters, both indoors and outdoors. Designers have also taken care of other sports enthusiasts and have equipped the object with climbing walls, a basketball field and even a place to practice parkour... or canoeing.

Skate park in Hadeslev is a place not only to play different sports. Various competitions, among others, climbing or riding a scooter are organized there. This year, on June 20-th, during "Bowl Days 2015" skateboarding enthusiasts from all countries will meet there. On that day the Danish Municipal Sports Day also takes place. During the event, participants can learn how to go skateboarding and admire the athletes stunts. Admission to the event is free.