Sealander – floating trailer

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

3 July 2019

The end of the road does not necessarily have to be the end of the summer travel! When the road ends by the water, you can have Sealander trailer with you. This lightweight, reinforced with fiberglass trailer ... can float!

Sealander is a proposal for all those who appreciate a balance between an urban life and a contact with nature. In short - it is an innovative, unusual trailer, which, if it is necessary, can be turned into a small boat. Its biggest advantage is that it does not need a ramp, which is necessary for launching of classic yachts. Therefore it can be launched without any effort almost anywhere, where there is a free access to water.

The manufacturer ensures that Sealander is good not only at lakes and rivers, but also – at the sea. The trailer is small (4 meters long), so it will fit into any garage. It can also be towed easily - it can be towed by any type of a car.The floating trailer is not only an innovative design, but above all - a comfortable place to travel. It is designed so that a small grill can be put inside. It has also a comfortable bed with dimensions 156x200 cm, a toilet, a radio, a hotplate, a grill and a table.

Sealander can be used on any body of water. It has an electric motor, so it can be also used in places, where traffic of internal combustion vehicle is limited, due to the protection of the environment. Just remember to recharge the batteries before your trip! Battery capacity, according to the manufacturers specifications, is sufficient for two days of sailing. The boat reaches a speed of 9 km/h.

Sealander GmbH company was founded in 2012. It was founded by a designer Daniel Straub, who has been working on the creation of the trailer since 2009. Then his graduate work was created, and a floating trailer was the subject of it. Sealander is produced in the German shipyard and is certified by TÜV. On May 9-th and 10-th Sealander was tested on water during the Beach & Boat LIVE in Cape Zwenkau.