Leisure in the Tatra Mountains in Scandinavian style

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

26 July 2016

White, black, blue, bricky and grey – such colours prevail in Scandinavia apartment in Zakopane. Apartment for 4 persons meets the requirements of even the most demanding lovers of good , ecological design. A small, only 44 square meter apartment for 4 people was a real challenge for the designers. - Scandinavian, austere and frugal style was the first idea while crossing the threshold of the apartment - says Piotr Slowinski from Snow & Fun – Scandinavian simplicity is in the fashion, it comes straight from nature and it finally appeared in Poland.

Many people is dreaming about such an apartment, decorated with unique, handmade items. Ikea is no longer the peak of our dreams, but we are not ashamed that some features, such as curtains or chairs, we have just bought at the store. However, most of the appliances in this apartment are unique, made and designed to order. The examples are: the table and a coffee table in the living room. Both havetabletops made from an old, whitened and brushed wood. In contrast, the stand is a modern, metal and powder coated in gray.

Tables were made by GMO Design. GMO is known for, in short, recycling the timber. In fact, practically every board can be "recovered" and brought back to life. – The lamp Rift , which hangs in our Scandinavian dining room is example of the board "restored" to the life - says Piotr Slowinski - Its a LED, ecological lamp , made of old, poplar board. Probably no one would try to do something with this old , slightly moss-covered board. But Maciej Czyżewski from GMO has been able to see potential even in it. This way we designed our dining room .

It was the antlers what was only missing, but we are against killing animals for their fur and horns. We have chosen a slightly caricatured, even exaggerated sticker showing antlers and it was a great decision. Wall stickers are a very good idea for diversifying the interior -without hammering nails and major overhaul. They are also in the living room of the Scandinavia apartment. There, over the white-navy sofa bed there are birds from .. Ferm Living kit for children.

They fit perfectly to curtains in birds from Ikea. White TV and bleached trunk, posing asa table or stool complete interior.The clear blue mosaic in the kitchenette was supposed to break the overarching whiteness in the interior. Grey, kitchen countertop is an extension of colouristic and stylistic concrete fireplace. This procedure refers to the Scandinavian fashion for austere walls. In this case, the textured plaster imitates concrete. Small bathroom was decorated in the same austere style.
Chałubiński Residence is a new building, opened in 2012. We had to "cheat" a little with bricks in the bathroom - explains Piotr Slowinski –but we have not decided to use clinker. We were able to buy facing bricks from the demolition of the old, German building from Pomerania.

Bricks illuminated by warm, LED strip in the bathroom made of industrial tiles, make the interior no longer unfriendly and cold. Lots of space in this small and rather dark bathroom was gained thanks to huge mirror, in which we can see the industrial radiator Charleston Technoline. But the real star of the bathroom in the Scandinavia apartment is a stand under the sink. It was made of a renewed and painted with transparent varnish. Hera sewing machine. - Its another life of this stand - explains Piotr Slowinski - Hera was used first for sewing, then its stand became a desk, and today - it looks beautifully in our bathroom.

A bedroom actually consist of just whitened bed designed by GMO. Matt, white wardrobe is almost invisible against the wall. The real decoration of the place is intensely blue felt, stuck to the wall and birds that squatted on the stave. Their "cousins" made of felt are sitting on Chinese willow branches put in unusual ecological vase. Scandinavia Apartment is a place for people requiring that the trip to the mountains is not only the white slopes and cloudless weather, but also a place to rest decorated with passion and taste.