Returns from holidays

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos

28 August 2017

The end of August means the end of holidays. Holiday traffic, drivers’ rush due to last minute returns, reduced concentration or paradoxically very good conditions on the roads can in this period cause a large number of accidents and collisions. Therefore, drivers should take care of an adequate rest, arrange stops and keep the right speed.

Holiday balance
In the summer months there is the largest number of accidents.  It was caused by, on one hand, an increased traffic associated with vacation trips, on the other hand, the weather conditions that - paradoxically - the better they are, the more dangerous they can be - says Zbigniew Weseli, director of Renault Safe Driving School. Under good conditions, the drivers feel more comfortable and they ride faster. Than the risk of accidents is much grater, and the statistics confirm that excessive speed is the most common cause of accidents. What to do to get back from vacation safely?

Get ready for return
We are usually trying to maximize vacation days and we go back as late as possible. At the same time we forget to plan the trip itself - a route, time, stops. As the result, we often spend a lot of time in traffic jams and we arrive home much later than we’ve planned. After a long driving, drivers usually experience discomfort, nervousness, fatigue, drowsiness, resulting in a loss of concentration and reaction time. If the route is long, two drivers should drive a car. Stops are also important, they should be made every 2-3 hours, stops help us relax, stretch legs, break off from the monotony of driving at least for a moment. We should also remember not to eat large meals during the route and immediately before it, because it increases the drowsiness.

Before you go back, check out the exact condition of a car-weather lights are working properly, the wipers operate without problems, fluid levels are adequate and wheels inflated. The good condition of the driver and the car is crucial for all passangers’ comfort and safety while returning from holidays.