Regatta gives advice: Be eco-aware!

Source: press release

24 April 2017

The waste segregation, saving water or using the energy saving bulbs – we can be eco in many ways. Pro-ecological behavior is also the choice of clothing, in production of which we do not use harmful compounds. The brand of the tourism clothing Regatta does not use them in their products.

Currently Regatta is one of the leaders of responsible socially businesses in Europe and is regarded one of the most ecological companies in the world. “We are a family company and not a big corporation. That is why, despite the profits, we are interested in the things close to everyone who loves nature and wants to spend time in the mountains, forest or park. We know that the production of high quality clothes has influence on the environment and society we live in, that is why we introduced many actions and we take another in order to save the environment and support the development of the similar social initiatives”- declare the owners of the company, the Black family.

Some chemical compounds enhancing the quality of the products are harmful to people and environment. Regatta totally eliminated those old solutions and delivers products fully free from the cancerogenic PFOA, so the perfluorooctanoic acid. It is used in production of clothes and products having the waterproof properties and can get into environment. What is more, it is hard to dispose it from the body. It is determined as the “potentially cancerogenic for people”. It is on the “red”list of the EU chemical products (not forbidden but probably will be forbidden in the next years).

„Human health and everything we leave behind is more important than maximizing profits”- explains Keith Black. “Of course stop using PFOA and finding an alternative  was expensive but as we are a family company, and not a stock concern, the owner may take actions according to his believes and not under the pressure of market or banks” – he adds.

Regatta did not only withdrew PFOA from production, even if it was not a requirement, but also introduced and develops many different Eco standards. All the company suppliers and manufacturers must be verified including checking if they possess the right permissions, if they conduct the management processes and waste monitoring, water cleansing, liquidation of materials or if there are right working conditions for the workers.

The audits are conducted regularly by the special external companies and the workers of RegattaOutdoorsGroup. Regatta also conducts examination of all the parts of materials used for production and the ready products along with checking the compatibility with the parameters and if the production did not include the toxic and forbidden chemical substances.

By the Regatta Foundation Keith Black, the owner of the Regatta company supports many social actions, as e.g. help for the Batticaloa village which enables the rebuilding after the tsunami that destroyed many territories of the South-Eastern Asia, building of 4-floor school in Savar in Bangladesh, or the help for Gorilla Fund International founded by Dian Fosssey for the gorillas in Rwanda. Apart from that, there are conducted many local actions supporting those events, people and active social organizations. In Poland many initiatives for promoting physical activities are supported. The Regatta RUSZ SIĘ! Included over 200 events in which took part over 70 thousand participants with almost a million people included in the program!

Even during shopping in the sports store it is worth to be eco-aware. Regatta believes that its customers are such people. It directs its offer towards everyone that likes being active in the open air, spend time in the nature and care for the preservation of the beautiful nature.