Rainbow toothbrushes

17 May 2018

A toothbrush for children, connected with a mobile application? Intelligent, designer and effective at the same time? Its not a dream of naughty childrens parents, but a reality. Swiss Rainbow toothbrushes, which help cleaning your teeth in the most modern way, can be bought in Poland now.

Rainbow toothbrush can be bought in two versions - for toddlers and the older ones, over 8 years of age. Option for older children is a sonic toothbrush. The sonic toothbrushes produce vibration and create hundreds of air bubbles that can reach the space between teeth and remove bacteria and impurities more effectively. Rainbow toothbrushes are unique because they work with mobile applications. - These toothbrushes can not only clean, but they can also teach how to brush your teeth systematically and being effective in cleaning them - says the dentist Agnieszka Kulik-Szewczyk from the Exclusive Dental Studio – Children can see on their phone or tablet how every tooth should be brushed and the application can not only measure the time, but it can also checks the movements of the brush – explains the dentist.

Special sensors, placed in the brush handle monitor its location and movements. Thanks to it, the application gets the information that each tooth has been carefully brushed. Children learn through play, and at the same time - parents can monitor their daily oral hygiene.

Rainbow Kids is available in 7 different colour combinations. This brush can "grow" with the child. There are two replaceable heads in a set. The first one – is for children 3 -7 year-old. The second one from 7 to 12 years. The application and shape of the brush are suitable for children. In this case the child is motivated by panda to carefully brush his/her teeth. When the child does not brush teeth carefully - the pet is sad. And if each tooth is cleaned as it should be - a toddler receives a "panda". With them, she/he can reach the next level of initiation into oral hygiene.

In the sonic toothbrush -Rainbow Junior, for children from 8 years of age, the cleaning power can be adjusted. Scale from 1 to 6, allows you to set the brush from a very slow, gentle massage of the gums to an intensive, thorough brushing. The amount of vibration generated by the brush matches the capabilities and needs of children. Also, the head is shaped so that it can perfectly reach the space between the teeth of older children. In this case, the brush and application visually match the tastes of older children. Toothbrushes are colourful, but they still resemble the "adult" version. Here children cant gain colourful pandas, and complete specific tasks.

Rainbow Junior and Kids toothbrushes have their debut at this years dental fairs in Cologne. Last year, the toothbrush won the title of Best Innovation Award at Paris Games Week. In Poland, they are already available at Exclusive Dental Studio in Poznań.