Pesto with kale and wild garlic

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

2 May 2018

At the turn of the winter and spring, the green synonyms of both seasons can and indeed should meet. Winter, during this dinner, will be represented by kale, spring – by wild garlic. Pesto with kale and wild garlic will delight anyone who has been waiting for spring for several months!

Wild garlic in Poland is protected on its natural positions, but it can be grown in the garden. Seedlings can be purchased even in popular stores with building and garden equipment. Leaves of wild garlic are collected in April, before the plant starts to bloom. This plant, just like other types of garlic has similar properties. It has bactericidal properties, it lowers blood pressure and it has positive effect on the heart. Garlic is surprisingly aromatic, it is rich in vitamin C. It can be pickled, marinated in oil and frozen to preserve the aroma of spring all year round.

Kale is, on the other hand, a cabbage forgotten by the Poles, it hosted on the tables of our ancestors in the Middle Ages. Kale, with its ornate, beautiful leaves, is rich in vitamins K and C, beneficial antioxidants, calcium and iron. No wonder that in Japan, a kale juice is one of the most popular dietary supplements. Kale is a biennial plant, it is very easy to grow. Leaves harvest begins in late fall and lasts through the winter. Leaves are harvested several times from a plant, which can be even one meter wide!

Pesto combining flavours of these two plants, rich in nutrients, is a great idea to fight the spring solstice and the weakening of the body. And if you freeze blanched garlic - you will be able to enjoy such a pesto all winter long!

20 leaves of wild garlic
50 g of leaves of kale
50 g sunflower seeds
a small clove of garlic
30 ml of oil

We mix together all ingredients, until we get a smooth mass. Serve as a spread for sandwiches or with a hot pasta. We eat with abandon any amount and wait for the summer!