Perfect Holidays

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

8 June 2017

Holidays – we are dreaming about them all year, we are waiting, we are planning, we are looking for the perfect place and country to finally relax. The problem is that as it often turns out that our perfect, idealized holidays were not so perfect. The high price, expensive hotel or paradise island do not guarantee our satisfaction. Because as the matter of fact a successful holiday means a good company, good organization and a good idea of having a rest. Especially active recreation.

If you want to use a travel agent, first of all you should check it in the Central Register of Tour Operators and Intermediaries and in the Polish Chamber of Tourism. Reputable travel agencies, which for years operate on the Polish market, can guarantee a safe holiday. It is wise to read the offer of such an office if you are planning a long journey. If we are organizing a holiday by yourself- you will be completely independent and you will be able to have fun. No matter where you want to go - the most important is to know what you want to do during your dream vacation. If you are planning a two-week laziness – there is no problem. Take a book, just in case, if it turned out, that you are dying of boredom. Otherwise, however, the situation will look like when you are planning an active vacation.

Not without reason it is said that travel broadens mind, and curiosity is the first step to .... paradise. Choosing a holiday it is worth exploring the history and culture of the place. A practical guidebook for the journey is always priceless. Many of small villages offer local delicacies, unusual events, you can have opportunity to meet interesting people ... but in order to meet and get to know someone or something interesting, you have to know where to look for.

Last minute holidays or a version of travel to warm places, it is also a good solution - this form seems to be one of our favourites. If it suits you, and you have savings on your account - we advise you to use a "ultra light" version - that is to pack a sleeping bag, passport, payment card, some clothes for change and a camera. Many necessary things, especially in the tropics, can be purchased on-site - for pennies.

Campsite holiday is another hit. This form of spending holidays has recently made a comeback. In sports stores you can buy literally everything you need at the campsite. Starting from tents and sleeping bags, and ending - at mobile showers. Here, however, the most important is an adventure - there is no substitute for a bonfire, a night watch, scrambled eggs eaten on the grass, or night under the stars.

Another, quite an original idea for a vacation can be a home exchange for vacation. This option is becoming more and more popular, and thus - it increases the opportunities to travel and explore the world for little money. The only cost is travel and expenses on the site, we do not pay for an accommodation. In this option, we will live in a house, owners of which... will live in our house. Before choosing the offer it is worth checking it carefully. You can also take advantage of the experience of people who have already travelled this way. Portals such as:
and can also be helpful.

So start planning - because there is little time! Go sightseeing, have a good rest, and after the holiday - you do write to us about your wonderful vacation and commendable places on your summer tour!