Original PINZAT bags

1 October 2018

PINZAT collective from Barcelona recycles old seat belts, plastic or curtains from trains. It creates unique bags, backpacks and bicycle accessories. Each one is special and unique.

PINZAT Collective creates unique bags. All products are designed individually by artists. Each element is either hand-painted or unique collages are created in the form of an application. The bags of the Spanish brand are vegan – no animal product has been used. PINZAT collection includes bags, backpacks, wallets, computer bags and protective etui for tablets and mobile phones or covers for bicycle saddles. You will find there also such a brilliant thing like a belt to fasten trouser leg for the journey. The brand does care about the environment - recycled vehicle belts as well as PVC or old curtains from trains are used for the production.

PINZAT bags can be easily identified by two very distinctive characteristics. The first one is the car seat belt, which serves as a reinforcement of the bag and as its own belt. A special element is a fully preserved belt fastening buckle. The second element distinguishing the bags from many other products are unique prints. Each of the bag has in fact handmade decorations and thus it is difficult to get even two similar bags. Brand uses two types of decorations. One of them are hand-painted patterns. The second one- the applications created from recycled PVC. As a result, every bag is different. All PINZAT products have a double-stitched seam, which gives them a long life. All bags have an additional belt that can change them into a hip bag or a bicycle bag.