OAT – Shoes that Bloom

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

15 April 2018

OAT Shoes are shoes that bloom: when you wear these sneakers out, you can plant them in the ground and let the seeds in the tongue bloom into a colorful bouquet of wildflowers. Meanwhile the shoes will degrade into compost in the ground.

OAT was born out of a desire to create products that do more than look good. "We want to create products that connect people with their environment in an imaginative way. By making products that bloom we place people back into the natural cycle of life, so they can get back in touch with the natural side of things", say company owners.

OATs products are made in Europe from a combination of natural materials like hemp, flax and cork and certified biodegradable plastics. Thats how the shoes can be completely biodegradable when theyre underground. Until then you can wear them just like any other pair of sneakers so dont worry about a little rain or mud!

Virgin II shoes are 100% vegan. OATs cotton goes from Turkey and is GOTS certified. In these sneackers you can find also flax. Its one of the strongest natural fibres that exstist. Its naturally breathing and has a low environmental impact because it uses little water and grows quite well without the use of pesticides. Flax can be used to produce oil or as a nutritional supplement.

OAT uses a flexible biodegradable plastic to make the shoe soles with. This plastic is certified according to EN13432, which in basically means that 90+ % of a certain amount of the plastic will degrade within 6 months ideal circumstances. The velocity with which the soles will degrade depends on the temperature, humidity and the amount of microbes in soil.

Hemp is a strong natural fibre that has great temperature regulation properties as a textile as its naturally breathing. Hemp cultivation has a low environmental impact because it uses little water and does well without the use of pesticides. Other uses for hemp include hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel.

The cork in OAT shoes is harvested ethically in Portugal, known globally for its excellent cork production. The OAT insoles that are made with this material are shaped to give your feet the support they need and ensure a comfortable walking experience.