Nordic Walking

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

9 February 2018

Nordic Walking – was invented in the 1920s in Finland as all year training for cross-country skiers. When it appeared in Middle –Eastern Europe a dozen of years ago, it was welcomed with a smile on the faces of the passers-by and one could hear the following comment:  "Where are your skis?". Today, Nordic Walking is not only a generally accepted activity but also a sport practised on wider scale.

Nordic Walking is does not require any special skills. It can be taught to anyone, at any age, absolutely everywhere; both at the seaside, in the forest, in the park, in the mountains or just simply in a town or a city. While walking with the poles, we are not prone to any injures or dangers as it does not overextend our muscles the way running does, that is why it can be practised by the elderly and overweight people.

Marching with the poles activates 90% of the whole body muscle tone whereas swimming activates only 65% and jogging 60%. In comparison to a traditional walk, when we do Nordic Walking, we tend to burn 20-40% calories more. Nordic Walking can be practiced with diversified intensity and with different goals. Some active time lovers do it for pleasure, instead of fitness; others treat it as a separate sport discipline. Such an intensified walk does the job of fitness workout and stretching at the same time. 

So without any difficulty, you can find an option for yourself, the choice is yours then!