myKotty - exceptional cardboard furniture for cats

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

13 February 2019

What can be made out of great aesthetic sensitivity, passion for functional, innovative solutions and... great love for cats? As a result of joining all those elements myKotty made exceptional, cardboard furniture (scratching posts LUI, VIGO and TOBI and a house MIA).

Luis and Figo were the inspiration for this and, as all the cats, they love everything that is cardboard. However, living in a pile of cartons wasn’t pleasant for their owners. That is why they decided to create something that will substitute the cats’ cartons and will look good at the same time. – I knew that the shape of the furniture must be adjusted to the cats’ shapes and behaviours, such as sleeping, scratching and playing, as well as to the modern interiors of their owners – says Marta Pietrusiak, the initiator and the owner of myKotty. – That is why after the creating of the projects, which had fully met my and cats’ expectations, we started searching for the producer. It wasn’t easy but we made it. The work lasted long because we were paving the way in the cardboard world of cat products, but we finished with the statement “THIS IS IT!” – she adds.

During the process of creating the prototypes, there was made an innovative method of production which distinguishes myKotty furniture among the other products of this type available on market. – Our furniture resembles suede to the touch, it is soft and safe to the cat’s paws – explains Marta Pietrusiak – However the MIA house is a continuous series of tests over its endurance. At last we made it. MIA can bear 15 kilos and is the only one in the world two-sided house, which means that it can be folded either on white or brown side – she adds. In this way, Luis and Figo became the first testers of a cat furniture, fully made of corrugated cardboard. When the first tests were successful and the pets loved the furniture, the myKotty company was established. Today, it has on its offer several scratching posts models (LUI, VIGO and TOBI) which can serve as the exceptionally comfortable couches and designer shelters (MIA) at the same time and they will surely substitute all the boxes of the world.

Not only the pets will like the myKotty offer, but also their owners. All the products are functional and meet the natural needs of scratching and sharpening the claws. Thanks to them, all the house furniture will be safe! What is more, all the myKotty scratching posts and couches are safe for animals as the paper edges are soft and won’t hurt our pets and their fabric resembles suede.

LUI is a scratching post and a couch inside of which a cat can also hide. VIGO is more solid and stable model which can bear even the biggest cat. However, TOBI is an ultra-light model – it weighs only 1 kilo and solves the problem of situating places for cat like: shelves, desks or tables. MIA, on the other hand is a two-sided cat house. It measures 48x58x57 cm (height x depth x width). An indispensable equipment of the cat’s apartment is a cardboard mat made of corrugated cardboard, obviously. The surface is pleasant to the touch, comfortable and warm as the texture has great insulating properties. The mat put inside the house is an additional weight which influences not only the stability while using it but also our pet’s mood – it can sharpen its claws right after waking up or right after going to sleep.

– In our plans, we have new, considered and designer products fitting those already offered. The new furniture – cat’s bed OTI will have its premiere shortly. A great thing, you’ll see – says Marta Pietrusiak.

MyKotty uses only the Polish cardboard at the stage of the furniture production. What is more, the whole production takes place in Poland. All the myKotty furniture are handmade! Do you think about the myKotty scratching posts durability? The producer ensures that one scratching post will endure from half a year up to even a year. All of this thanks to properly tested, innovating production technology and the highest quality materials. The fact that they are two-sided increase the furniture durability.

Besides – to this day, myKotty products are tested by the hundreds of customers from all over the world and from everywhere all we could hear was a purr... of delight!

mykotty kartonowy drapak dla kota

mykotty drapak dla kotów z tektury falistej

mykotty drapak dla kotów z tektury falistej

mykotty niewielki i lekki drapak dla kota

lekki i mały drapak dla kota z tektury