Make haste slowly, especially at dusk

Text : Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

22 November 2018

The holiday season is a time of an increased traffic on the roads, in addition most of us, in the run and being in a stress, is driving to do the last shopping. In winter the days are short and dusk falls earlier. It also means that we more often drive a car when it is dark. Bad weather conditions as well as dusk and stress can be very dangerous. Therefore, at this time, we should be very cautious.

Check your lights
Limited visibility, difficulty in seeing the surroundings of the road, other users of the road and obstacles make driving in the dark not only difficult, but also more dangerous than it is during the day. – While driving after dark outside built-up areas, we have to rely solely on our car lighting. There are no street lights, so the visibility depends on the efficiency of our car lights and the purity of the headlights, mirrors and windows. The lights of other cars can be helpful as an additional source of light. Additionally rear position lamps and brake lights of the car in front of us, can inform us about the obstacles, met by the driver, if the car lights suddenly disappear, it means that probably it is driving down a small hill.

Slow down
After dark there is a problem with the correct assessment of the situation on the road, that is why, drivers driving on unlit roads should firstly reduce the speed. This will allow us to stop the car and react to an obstacle in the visible part of the road. After dark, the length of this part depends on range of our headlights. - Dipped lights show the road usually only at a distance of about 50 meters, and on the other the hand traffic lights cannot always be used. Therefore slow down and give yourself more time to react, if there is an obstacle on the road - the coaches from Renault Safe Driving School say.

Do not let yourself be dazzled
Many drivers, however, forget about traffic lights turned on and they dazzle other road users. If we are in such a situation, remember to avoid looking directly into the headlights of this car. You should learn to direct your eyes consciously behind an approaching car. Unfortunately, at the first moment, and for a moment you will be dazzled by an approaching car, so lets remove foot from an accelerator and let’s reduce the speed.