Kiwi for beauty

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

26 April 2019

Kiwi is still underestimated by us, especially when it comes to its care qualities. Yet, this vitamin bomb will be perfect for hair and skin care. Kiwi is widely used fruit in cosmetics. It is used in the production of scrubs, lotions, lipsticks or face masks. Nourishing and moisturizing qualities of kiwi make it an ideal component of home beauty treatments. Kiwi, used in skin care, lightens it up and restores its radiance. Thanks to it, the skin will be smooth and soft. Using kiwi in peeling helps to exfoliate the skin and to take care of acne skin. Kiwi has whitening properties, so that it evens the skin tone. Zinc and potassium contained in the fruit regulate the secretion of sebum. While vitamin K strengthens fragile blood vessels. Just blend the fruit and apply it on the face, avoiding the eye area. Such a mixture can be applied on the face as a mask and rinsed after 20 minutes. We can also prepare a peeling.

While kiwi has been widely used for home treatments of facial skin, still little people know that in a similar way the fruit can be used for hair care. Biotin in kiwi prevents hair loss and seborrhea. Large amount of vitamin C contained in the fruit improves blood circulation in the scalp, accelerates the healing process, protects the skin against free radicals. Vitamin A is accelerating the process of skin regeneration. Kiwi hair conditioner can be prepared in the same way just like the one for facial skin care. Wash the fruit thoroughly, but do not peel it, just blend it to a smooth pulp. Add a few drops of lemon juice to pulp and apply it to wet hair, gently massaging it into the scalp. Wrap your head with foil and a towel. After 2 hours, rinse the conditioner thoroughly and wash your hair with a natural shampoo. Such a treatment should be used once a week for a period of three months. 

kiwi w pielęgnacji włosów