Interview with the creators of Landebahn brand

25 April 2015

Indestructible and vegan bags of a character made by Landebahn are winning the hearts of all those who want to look unique. We decided to ask Ewa and Ariel, the owners of the brand, not only about the genesis of the company but also about the prices. As it usually happens in the case of local manufactures - they are the most controversial. Especially if you compare them with products of known chain stores.

Anna Plaszczyk – you present your products as " the Polish bags with an origin in the most artistic, rebellious locations in Germany." Who are their authors?

Ewa and Ariel – we have spent many years in Berlin and certainly we have left a piece of ourselves in this city. Likewise, in Hamburg, where we used to go regularly. But strong, rebellious neighbourhoods in Hamburg and Berlin also have an impact on our lives. After returning to Warsaw, an idea of unusual bags was born- people from Kreuzberg and St.Pauli, one of the most distinctive districts in Europe, have become the inspiration for the brand. So it is no secret that our bags are full of Hamburg piracy and Berlin underground.

While designing our bags, first of all, we have in mind critical, rebellious people, moving from one challenge to another. People of characters. We call them anonymous heroes and nameless female artists of everyday life. These bags are dedicated to them. We do not deny that we can see these types of people also on the streets of Polish cities. We do not hide that they do have already discovered our bags.

So who are we? We have combined our passions, photography and the art of writing, social sensitivity with the artistic one ... so that our products, despite their quality resulting from strong stitching and good materials, could also reflect the anger and power of rebellious people. We ourselves also feel like anonymous heroes of everyday life - that while creating bags, some kind of conspiracy is created.

- Who is designing the bags, Ewa or Ariel?

- Ewa is better in designing. In her head new models are born. When they are mature enough, they turn out to be extremely gallant bastards. Recently, there is plenty of them. Our home showroom is full of drawn projects. The end is not in sight.

- How does the process of production look like? Are they sewn in China? Im asking because in your case, just like in many other cool local manufactories, you can find opinion in Internet that "it is too expensive".

- It is always too expensive. And we agree with that. But we sew in Poland. Materials are also bought from local producers. Everything is done locally, maybe they are not our neighbours, as we would like them to be, but in the end we found our contractors not far from home. We should add that we are using materials that are not easily available and when we started to look for them – everyone was saying that we are out of our heads, because no one is using them in the country... even on the continent. Because everyone has switched to polyester and other polymers. But somehow we have found these materials. Thus they have their price. We have decided to use strong method of sewing and sewers who can connect it all together. It turns out that it is extremely difficult to prepare it with local resources.

So imagine what work had to be done before the first bag could be sewn. It also shows production costs that we have to bear. Choosing cheap materials, production outsourcing in areas with cheap labour or sewing simplification while losing quality - such solutions do not fit into Landebahn philosophy. Everyone, who has something in common with our bags, should be satisfied. Buyers - with the quality, uniqueness and the character of our bags, as well as people creating them. And not only we, but also a material supplier or a sewer. Our favourite sewer decides herself what price does motivate her to sew. It is fair because we know perfectly well that it is not a simple challenge. Of course, somewhere at the end the price per bag appears. It may seem high, but it is not made up. It is simply adequate – it is fair.

- The bags are therefore ethical and in addition vegan?

- Yeah. We have been vegetarians for a long time and we cannot imagine using leather. On the other hand, our aim is: sewing quality and strength of materials, matching parameters of the leather. Although initially we havent mentioned that our bags are vegan - the vegans have quickly found us and invited to the first fairs. They were neither large nor spectacular, but the atmosphere was very nice and we felt well there. And our bags fitted there perfectly. Since then Landebahn bags have been receiving good reviews among vegan communities and we know that many of our customers are vegans. It makes us happy, and surprisingly, it has come out naturally. By the way, we are trying to prove that not only leather can ensure the quality for years.

- Which models do you use and like the most?

- We both feel the duty and pleasure at the same time to test each new model, so we carry different bags. Of course we also have our favourite ones. Our favourite models for ladies are CRASH BAR #Dark Ink and ROBUST BAG #Extreme Tough. But there is a new star - DAKOTA #Tough Enough and I think it will be our favoured in the upcoming weeks. The best unisex bag is ROWDY BAG #Super Tough (black), but it can also change in a moment.
Our weekend trips on a snowboard or to Hamburg also look interesting. We pack everything in our models - and our boot looks like we were traveling with our bags to the fairs, but we just pack everything in the collection of Landebahn bags, because they are ideally suited for such escapades. We have to film it – it can be a ready ad.

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