24 May 2018

Dog owners, while going on a vacation or summer picnics, very willingly take with them their quadrupeds. However, they do not always secure a safe journey for them. Meanwhile, badly carried dog can be a threat not only to him/herself, but to other passengers, as well. Coaches from Renault Driving School give advice how to transport dogs in the car safely.

Traffic regulations do not control the way of carrying animals. However, traveling with a dog, which moves freely in the car is simply dangerous. - Even the quiet dog, that has not been properly secured by the owner, during sudden braking is lifelessly thrown forward - warns Zbigniew Weseli, director of the Renault Driving School.

It is the best to place a dog in the back seat and tie him/her up to the seat belt with special braces. A good way, especially for the larger quadrupeds, is carrying them in special cages in the boot, provided that, however, we have an estate car or van. Owners of smaller animals may consider the special coop or smaller transport cage.

Driving with a dog we should try to go very smoothly and remember to take a brake every two - three hours, to get him/her out and water. –On sunny days, never leave your dog alone in the car, because the car very quickly turns into an oven – warns a coach from the Renault Driving School. While parking in the sun, at a temperature of about 30°C, even with open windows, the temperature in a car can reach almost 39°C in just 10 minutes. After 30 minutes,it may go up to nearly 50°C*!

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