Source: press release

11 February 2016

A pig is smarter than a dog, a cow is happy when the problem is solved, and a hen is capable to sacrifice its life to in order to defend its offspring. And you have not the foggiest idea about it? It’s too bad, because then you could think about these animals ... with more love. That is why for Valentine’s day CIWF Polska organization has prepared a "green heart" for all and it has left its green sign all around the city.

"Have a heart for animals!" - CIWF Polska organization says, and on the occasion of Valentines Day, a feast of love, reminds that all animals, such as cows, pigs or hens, should be treated well and with respect. Just before Valentines Day, Warsaw sidewalks were decorated with green hearts. Why green? Małgorzata Szadkowska from CIWF Polska suggests: “Green is the colour of our organization and our logo. But green colour is still a colour that is associated with harmony, nature, grass and animals grazing on it.”

CIFW miej zielone serce

Still, do all animals graze on the green grass? CIWF Polska reminds that, unfortunately they do not. In Poland, there are more than 800 large-scale farms, and unfortunately the majority of the animals bred in the country, comes from such places. "It is an unimaginable, almost a machine-like production of food and we often do not even realize how it does look like. And it looks bad: we speak about animals that can feel pain, stress and fear, and they live being locked, being crowded with other animals without any access to light, grass or pasture"- Szadkowska adds. Farm animals such as pigs, cows, rabbits or hens can feel various emotions; they are intelligent and they can form a complex network of relationships with other animals. Every year, however, plenty of them are being killed for a man’s need. In Poland nearly 900 000 000 animals per year are killed and most of them is bred on large-scale farms similar to metal hangars.

zielone serce

What you can do to help farm animals?
CIWF Polska encourages to make every-day, wise consumer choices and to select products that come from smaller farms, rather than those from mega-farms. As far as eggs are concerned, the system is simple and well-known to all Poles: eggs should be selected with the number 0 or 1. In the case of meat, e.g. a chicken: its worth paying more for the one from small farms, eat it less often, but of a better quality (studies show that such meat contains up to 50% less fat and more omega-3 acids). You should also reduce the amount of meat and animal products in your diet, and eat more vegetables and groats. And for those who want to boast of their love for animals, the organization has prepared a photo-guide, how make #zieloneserce origami quickly. The instructions can be found here: www.ciwf.pl/walentynki.

akcja zielone serce

Interesting facts about animals:

Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals, like 3-year-old children and they exceed dogs. They are aware that other specimen can have knowledge that can be useful in search of food. They can distinguish people, even those dressed in the same way.

Cows can be satisfied, when they can manage to solve the problem. They are able to feel pain and discomfort at a level similar to that perceived by humans. They are aware of the emotions of other animals for example: they eat less when their partner is ill and have their favourite companions in the herd.

Rabbits are very social animals, creating strong ties with other members of their group. They can jump up to a height of 70 cm – which can be equal to a jump of an average man to a height of up to 5m!

Hens can be very defensive as far as their off-springs’ safety is concerned. They are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend their chickens and they are able to recognize more than 100 other animals in the flock. When they are sick, they choose food that look less attractive, but containing drugs.

zielone serce

The history of our organization is long and full of successes, CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) has been existing for 50 years. However, our biggest success and perhaps the biggest breakthrough in the fight for animals was 1997. Then the European Union officially recognized animals as sentient beings that can experience pain and suffering, and that is why they cannot be treated as objects. CIWF Polska is the Polish branch of this international organization. www.ciwf.pl