Glamping – the exclusive camping gets more lovers around the world each year!

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press material

23 April 2017

Spending free time surrounded by nature does not have to be uncomfortable and in the Spartan conditions! Glamping is such a form of camping that satisfies even the most demanding lovers of travelling. It is the combination of comfort, good style and close contact to the nature.

Such luxurious camping lets us escape from the everyday life, breathe among the trees, watch the animals and forget about all responsibilities and problems. One of the perfect examples of glamping is CollectiveRetreats.

The houses of CollectiveRetreats were created based on the Indian teepees. The name teepee comes from the siou language and means “place to live in”. In the CollectiveRetreats it is nice to live! The interior of each tent has nothing to do with the Indian tents. The CollectiveRetreats are designed tastefully, the owners introduced the comfort and luxury but did not forget about the good design perfectly composed with the surrounding.

The forest, river, much space for walking, the active relaxing, place for a fire, the exclusive tent to sleep and quietness disrupted only by the noises of animals. Is there anything more to feel happy?