Freesking from Poland

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

26 November 2016

Best skis, design patterns and environmental protection all in one? The production of such equipment is never 100% ecological, but the Polish company- Majesty, in exchange for every sold pair of skis, plants a new tree. This way, the project "Skis4trees" came into being.

Freesking is a sport tied up with the nature. Trees are not just part of the mountain landscape, but also the heart of skis. The skis, of Polish producer –Majesty, are made of poplar and ash. Thanks to this combination they managed to achieve the best flex and maximum durability of the skis. The offer includes skis on almost every occasion: freestyle, big mountain freeride, all-terrain, allmountain, powder, jibsnrails, backcountry and even freetouring.

Majesty is a company that produces original and reliable equipment, which turns out to be useful both in the difficult mountain area and in the urban conditions - on the rails and handrails. Majesty Skis mean also an excellent design. The best graphic designers are involved in their designing process (e.x. Krzysztof Ostrowski from Cool Kids of Death). Thanks to this, each ski is a work of art. The brand is also developing its own collection of technical clothing and accessories.

"Skis4Trees" was brought to life for the sake of environment. Majesty has stated that forests on Earth are dying at a breakneck pace and a company socially responsible cannot pretend that this problem does not exist. Limitation of paper wasted in the office was not enough. - We realize that the production of skis, in which resins and synthetic materials are used cannot be 100 % ecological - says Janusz Borowiec, creator of the Majesty brand - In this situation, we have decided to act realistically, for the sake of the environment. The planting trees program is meant to help maintain the green lungs of the Earth in good shape - he adds.

How does it work? Production of one pair of Majesty skis consumes approximately 0.09 m3 of carefully selected wood. In this way, from one tree Majesty produces even a few pairs of very good and very durable skis. At the same time several trees are being planted.
Education is another element of "Skis4Trees". The Majesty puts great emphasis on making skiers and the whole sport environment aware of ecological behaviour. Thanks to this Majesty has been invited to participate in the ISPO campaign- "Brands for good", which promotes pro-environmental actions of sports companies.