Eco garden on the balcony

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: Anna Plaszczyk

9 May 2018

Spring is knocking at the door. If you do not have your own garden and you would like to have good quality vegetables and herbs on your plate- we encourage you to create a herb garden on the balcony.

This herb garden on the balcony has advantages only. Its size depends on your needs. On the balcony, you can grow a lot of herbs and many vegetables: lettuce, radish, parsley as well as herbs, which can be a perfect complement to your spring plate.
You do not know where to start from?

1. You should check where the balcony is situated. If you live near a busy street or a highway - you have to abandon the idea. However, if your balcony is located at a place distant from the busy streets, you need to check conditions there. Operation of the sun is the most important thing. It is very important especially when it comes to growing herbs. Most of them need a lot of light. If there is no so much light - it is better to give up heliophilous species.

2. You should start with just a few species – it will make your work much easier . Over time, you can enlarge the garden. You should remember about proper preparation of pots. Herbs really do not like overwatering, so drainage holes should be made in the pots. Soil must be permeable. Peat and sand would be an ideal mix.

3. At the beginning you should watch the plants very carefully – if they do not begin to wither. If so - then you should change their place into a little more shaded one.

With little effort, you can enjoy healthy and delicious vegetables, and the reward will be not only plates full of vegetables, but also daily contact with nature.