Dexshell products test by Damian Laskowski

Source: press release

21 December 2014

Damian Laskowski, lover of Scandinavia and mountain tourism, during his few last expeditions he was testing Dexshell products. The last expedition took place on inaccessible line of Iceland – Hornstrandir peninsula.

Damian Laskowskis expedition to Hornstrandir peninsula took place at the end of arctic summer, in the second half of August. The traveler wanted to make the way that included three separated stages. The first one was a march through east coast interspersed with beautiful fiords and cliffs. The second stage of expedition was to cross Drangajokull glacier. The third stage was to walk through ancient stone plateau Ofeigsfjardarheidi, that is interspersed with glacial rivers and lakes.

I Stage – 6 days
Terrain: fiords, cliffs, passes
Conditions: warm and sunny, sometimes hot.

At this stage the traveler was testing socks THERMILITE SOCK. - A huge effort in the form of long approaches on the passes in such a good weather answered the question "what about breathability of those waterproof socks?" - says Damian Laskowski – it proves that membrane works amazingly well. Socks did not penetrate the odour despite of 6 days walk. Of course, an integral part of each stop was air of feet, socks and shoes – he adds.

II Stage – 1 long day

Terrain: glacier, snow
Conditions: biting cold, hurricane wind, rain, fog.

At this stage Damian Laskowski was testing socks TREKKING SOCK and gloves TOUCHFIT GLOVE. - I have prepared a bit thicker socks with better thermal insulation, TREKKING SOCK – memories the traveler - 12 hours trek, 30 km walked in one day during extreme weather conditions. Perceived temperature up to -15C, sleet, hurricane wind, and I have felt no cold, my feet after all day walk were dry – he adds. Damian Laskowski points out that trekking socks fit to foot very well, are elastic and more importantly they saved his feet from abrasion. In the traveler opinion both pairs of socks should be valued by trekkers especially prone to blisters, corns and abrasions.

Gloves did not fully meet requirements – At such a low temperature my fingers were cold – says Damian Laskowski – I had to warm my hands up time and again. In turn, the advantages are comfort and ease with handling the equipment, e.g when using GPS or while pitching a tent. Also the waterproof of gloves is on the highest level. Gloves were especially useful while refilling the bottles with the freezing river water. I can recommend the TOUCHFIT GLOVE to wear in temperatures around 0 Celsius – he explains.

III Stage – 2 days
Terrain: rocks, glacial erratic, rivers, brooks
Conditions: wind, rain, fog

The waterproofing of tested products Damian Laskowski checked during the last stage of the expedition. - There were no surprises here – says the traveler – the membrane Porelle stops the water in 100%. I learned that while crossing rivers in socks TREKKING SOCK without taking my shoes off (freezing water) – praises Dexshell products. The traveler during his expedition was wearing also the cap SOLO GREY. - You can like the cap or not but there is no discussion about its advantages and functionality – says Damian Laskowski - I need to mention about their great wind resistance. In my opinion it is not far from Windstopper! Moreover the cap is very warm and the internal part is made from sensuous material he adds. The outer part absorbs the water and keep it on membrane between those two layers. In the effect the hat is wet but not the head. It must be a really heavy rain for membrane Porelle to pass the water pressure.