Text and photo: press release

23 December 2018

During winter period, we should be prepared for difficult weather conditions - icy and wet road, snowfalls and low temperatures. Very often, however, none of these things is the cause of the collisions, but it is rather the sun. Many drivers forget that in the autumn and winter the sun can dazzle you and therefore cause very dangerous situations on the road.

Dazzling sun
Autumn and winter sun can be even more burdensome and dangerous than the one shining in the summer. It is the most dazzling early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is low on the horizon. Then the angle of the sun beams often make sun visors or sun-gasses become insufficient. We may also be dazzled when the sun reflect in the ice sheet, in puddles or snow. We should also remember that when the sun is behind us, the sun beams can be reflected in the driving mirror and they lower our visibility.

How to protect your eyes
In the autumn and winter period, sunglasses, preferably with polarized lenses that neutralize the dazzling reflections should be a necessary equipment. - On a sunny day, a driver driving without proper glasses has a more limited view and which means much less comfort. They have a special filter that neutralizes the dazzling sun reflections, while reflecting the light it increases the vision contrast and additionally it protects the eyes from harmful UV rays - trainers from Renault Safe Driving School say.

Watch out behind you
It is also important to verify that the windows are clean and streak-free. Any dirt and dust can scatter the light and increase radiance, adding glare. A clean windshield will not only help to see the road, and the environment in a better way, but it can also help to avoid excessive eye fatigue during long trips.