Common hop

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

30 August 2018

Since ancient times hop has been used for its sedative properties. An infusion made of hop also improves sleep. Sleeping on a pillow filled with ... hop cones is recommended to people who suffer from sleep disorders. Therapeutic use of hop usually is focused on its sedative properties. It is known as an excellent natural remedy for nervous tension, anxiety disorder as well as sleep disorders. Some of the substances contained in hop cones also have an estrogenic activity. Hop also works well in digestive disorders of neural origin.

Hop is a plant that could be used in natural cosmetics. Applied externally, it helps in the wounds treatment, and it also has a strong antiseptic properties. It is an excellent mean to fight with the acne or dermatitis. The effectiveness of hop has been confirmed also in treating hair loss and dandruff.Female inflorescences are parts of common hop used in herbalism. They are harvested from late summer to autumn. They are dried in the shade and stored in hermetically sealed containers. Hop should not be stored for more than a year.Hop can be used alone or in herbal mixtures, in combination with valerian and lemon balm.

Relaxing Tea:
2 teaspoons of dried cones pour with boiling water. Put aside for 10-15 minutes. We can drink 3-4 cups a day, the last one - just before bedtime.