Coastal Cottages

Text: Anna Bełezina, photos: press release

21 October 2019

Norway, known also as a land of Fjords, it is famous for its picturesque landscapes and vast spaces. It attracts with its colourful houses and charming towns, located between water and rocks. Manshausen island- the property of a polar explorer Børge Ousland, has recently become very popular. It is all thanks to coastal, wooden cottages, which have become the centre of the place.

Seacabins by Vesper Frames (a company from the Czech Republic) are a series of simple wooden buildings, designed for tourists kayaking to the island. The first renovated building, because of Manshausen island owner’s idea, was meant to become a training-conference centre with recreational facilities. But the idea itself has evolved. Nowadays, four cottages for tourists are located near the old pier and a stone waterfront coming from the nineteenth century.

The walls of each Seacabins are made of wooden panels. The rear part of the wooden building and a roof are made of aluminium and the facade - of three-ply larch panels. Sliding, massive door forms the entrance. Investors have decided that the buildings do not need any insulation. This decision was made due to the small area of the cottages and the fact that they are mainly intended for summer holiday.

The front, dominant wall of the house is made of a glass. Thanks to this, you can admire mountains and the sea spreading behind the window. Each Seacabins has two separate bedrooms with double beds and one bedroom designed for children.

Inside there are also specially designed toilets and a fully-equipped kitchen.
In the main building of the complex there is a dining room, where meals are being served all the day long. Above the dining room, there is a library, equipped with soft sofas. The work is facilitated by a free WiFi. The question is: Is anyone able to work, rather than enjoy the beautiful views?

Its fair to say that Seacabins because of their design are rather works of architectural art, and most importantly - they do not violate the natural beauty of Manshausen island.

seacabin Manshausen

seacabin Manshausen

seacabin Manshausen