Clean Tatra Mountains

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

10 June 2014

The Tatra mountains are exceptional not only for the Poles. Annually on the Polish side of the mountains more than 3 million tourists are hiking on trails. Unfortunately - many of them do not respect the place they are visiting. After such pseudo-tourists there are more piles in the Tatra mountains. Piles of garbage. From the 3-rd to 6-th of July, volunteers of "Czyste Tatry" will be cleaning them.

For the third time volunteers will start from the base on Równia Krupowa and go on Tatra trails, to clean up the garbage. They will be equipped with biodegradable waste bags, gloves, badges and maps. Thanks to advance planning there will be no trail in the Tatra left behind.

There are approximately 245 km of hiking trails in the Tatra National Park. Rubbish left by them effect on the condition of the soil, as well as they can change the habits of wild animals and may be a serious threat to them. Therefore, great cleaning up of the Tatra mountains has more than one dimension. In addition to short-term profit, which is connected with removal of the rubbish from the Polish part of the mountains, the action is supposed to educate, and thus - to prevent the disposal of garbage by tourists.

Each of the volunteers will receive a Czyste Tatry T-shirt, free entrance to the Tatra National Park, a free place on the campsite at Dolna Równia Krupowa or food. The reward for volunteers efforts will be mountain films, meetings with mountaineers and concerts.

In the last year, there was over 3000 volunteers. In this year, the organizers expect even 5000 participants. The result of the first action was 1.5 tons of garbage. The second - only 860 kg. Even though the volunteers were on every trail – there was far less garbage in the Tatra Mountains in 2013!

This years campaign will also include the Slovak part of the Tatra Mountains. The organizer of the Czyste Tatry campaign is the Czysta Polska Association. Partners of the campaign, among others are: the Tatra National Park, Mammut Polska, Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Kraków, honorary patrons - Ministry of Environment and the city of Zakopane. Applications are accepted on the campaign site: Czyste Tatry.