Text : Anna Półtorak, photos: Michał Maciaszek

25 April 2018

Acrobatics is a relaxation, connected with help of yoga – thats how you can shortly describe an AcroYoga. Its a discipline, which gain more popularity by storm. Classes of this field are aimed for cooperation, openness for other people or learning opportunities of your own body. AcroYoga is a discipline linking elements of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage in it. There are three main AcroYoga schools.

One of them is an "AcroYogaMontreal" founded in Canada, 2001 year by Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku. It was a first school of AcroYoga in the world, linking art gymnastics, yoga and elements of dance. Second one – "AcroYoga" founded in California, in 2006 by Jason Nemer and Jenny Klein, its one of the biggest schools, which connects yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Another one is "Partner Acrobatics", linking yoga and gymnastics. Moreover, two smaller schools exists, which are "Acropedia" and "Yogabatics". In Poland, "AcroYoga" school is most practiced one.

In AcroYoga exercises, mostly participate 3 people. First one is "base" i.e. person lying down, which raise other person, i.e. "flyer". Third partner is an assurance – person, which cares about safety of exercisers and helps in keeping balance.

There are many types of AcroYoga classes. You can meet together in class, where you practice under the supervision of instructor or on "cavities", where each of the members decides by himself, which figures he will practice. Another solution are multi-day workshops, conducted by few instructors, and meetings called "Immersion", lasting 5 days which approximates another issues of exercises. They have three types: "lunar", "solar" and "elemental". "Lunar" includes therapeutic flying and issues of Thai massage, "solar" deals mainly with acrobatic part of AcroYoga.

"Elemental" is a connection of two first types. Among main benefits of AcroYoga, improvement of life quality and comfort is listed as well. Exercises relax, reduce stress and improve digestion, thereby eliminating a toxins out of your body. It helps with improving concentration as well.