Waternest 100 - A Floating House

Text: Aleksanda Półtorak, photos: press release

7 June 2019

There are many opportunities to be close to nature. An architect Giancarlo Zama, together with a company from London, has created a design of an ecological house floating on water - Waternest 100, thanks to which a communing with nature will get a completely different dimension.

The floating house with an area of 30 square meters has been developed in cooperation with the London EcoFloLife and it is fully eco-friendly. It was built with recycled wood, and its framework is made from recycled aluminium. The residents of Waternest 100 house have at their disposal a bedroom, a balcony, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. All rooms are powered by solar energy. In addition, the house has been designed so that it can adapt to the water level and not sink.

Waternest 100 can be an ideal place as an apartment and an office or a fancy restaurant. It has many configurations to best fit the needs of its residents. It does not require too much maintenance costs, and therefore it is recommended for people with low financial resources.

EcoFloLife wants to build more such houses in the future. -Ongoing climate changes, which affect the level of the sea and rivers, will force us to think over the eco-sustainability of our housing choices. In the future, our houses will increasingly be built on water, which will allow us to recover the original contact with nature – explains Giancarlo Zema, the designer of the house.